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Downline Partners™
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The ultimate downline builder

Welcome to the most sophisticated and powerful free home business opportunity downline builder!

Downline Partners™ is the first and only community based downline builder designed to facilitate cooperation and establish synergy in the MLM home business opportunity industry!

This free system is completely revolutionizing the industry!

You can even customize your website with any
home business opportunity that you want!

For example: The member who referred you to this website recommends the following programs:

Your Sponsor's Recommendations

Here are some of the unique tools that Downline Partners™ will provide you:

  • Free Customizable Downline Builder

    • The Downline Partners™ Downline builder system enables you to combine multiple home business opportunities, affiliate programs and traffic exchange programs together in a centralized area thus enabling you to promote them all together as one!

  • Business opportunity submission

    • Know of a business opportunity that is not listed in Downline Partners? Submit it! When you submit a business opportunity to Downline Partners, you claim sponsorship of that business; you become the sponsor of the entire Downline Partners community for your submissions and your links are added to the Downline Partners™ Social Directory!

  • Unique Referral Forums

    • Downline Partners™ pioneered the Referral Forum concept. It was the first website to enable members to use any forum threads as their own lead generation links. That's right, you can use any forum thread to refer people to Downline Partners and grow your team. All the business opportunity links displayed within the forums can be customized to yours so your business opportunity links will be displayed to the users that you refer to the forums, even if those links were posted by other members! When your visitors join your team, they will then always see your business opportunity links and Sponsor Links throughout the entire website and forums. This is the most powerful tool in the industry. It enables people to cooperate without walking over each other by preventing cross-promotions.

  • Sophisticated List builder

    • Downline Partners™ is the best list building tool that you will ever find. You will have access to the Instant messengers, phone number, Skype and email addresses of the members that you refer to your Downline Partners team. A Downline Mailer tool is also available to allow you to send your newsletters to your entire team. You can also chat live with your downline members while they are browsing their website!

  • Private Referral Forums

    • Private Forums are extremely useful and will help you lead your team effectively. You can use your Downline Mailer to send your first level downline members to a private referral thread and engage in a discussion with your team. This tool will allow you to interact with your team in a very unique and effective way. As the owner of your own Private forum, you will have moderator rights and will be able to enforce your own rules.

      The posts in your private forum will only be seen by your first level downline members and by the Google search engine. If a visitor comes from Google to one of your private threads, you would be the sponsor of that visitor because you would be directly responsible for that traffic.

  • Sponsor Links

    • Sponsor Links enable you to customize your Downline Partners website to promote any websites that you want. Your ads will appear on most promotional pages of the websites as well as in the member's area of your downline members.

  • Referral Internet TV Portal

    • As a Downline Partners member, you will get your own customized Internet TV Portal and your ads will appear next to all the videos! Combined with the power of our Unique Referral Forums Technology, this is an extremely powerful viral marketing tool.

  • Audio/Video Training

    • Downline Partners provide the best free audio/video training you will ever find. You will discover the world of business from well known and respected millionaires.

  • Great Community support

    • Since Downline Partners™ is the first Referral community based downline builder of its kind, you can have thousands of sponsors helping you out. For example: Let's say a member asks a question in the forum about one of the home business opportunities and then an expert with that particular program answers that question perfectly, not only can you direct your team members to that forum thread so that they too can benefit from the advice but you can use that thread to promote that program as YOUR referral id will be displayed throughout that thread! The potential of the Downline Partners™ referral community is truly unlimited.

  • Downline Stability

    • By promoting your Downline Partners™ marketing website instead of promoting the business opportunities directly, you add a layer of protection between yourself and the business opportunities. If one of the companies fail for some reason and disappear, all your hard work will not go to waste because your team structure will remain intact within your Downline Partners™ website. That team can then move into new programs keeping the same team structure. In other words, your downline members will follow you in the new programs!

      Downline Partners not only enables you to earn more money, it also makes your income more secure and stable!

  • Much more...

    • These are just a few of the many tools that Downline Partners has to offer. There's also Multi-level Google AdSense capabilities enabling you to leverage your AdSense advertising, a Search engine optimization portal, amazing 3d flash portals , referral homepages etc...

    Just give it a try... join the community now and have a look inside.
    You really have to see this system in action!

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Great quote: I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own. ~Andrew Carnegie

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